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decrease / уменьшение, понижение, спад
имя существительное
decrease, reduction, decline, diminution, mitigation, lessening
decrease, reduction, drop, falling, degradation, subsidence
recession, decline, downturn, decrease, fall, downswing
reduce, decrease, diminish, abate
decrease, fall off, decline, diminish, lower, lessen
reduce, decrease, diminish, lower, lessen, mitigate
имя существительное
an instance or example of becoming smaller or fewer.
a decrease in births
make or become smaller or fewer in size, amount, intensity, or degree.
the population of the area has decreased radically
a decrease in births
Then came the economic downturn and a sharp decrease in the numbers venturing onto the slopes.
The decrease in quarterly rate from 1992 onwards was seen consistently across the regions.
There is a general decrease in rainfall and an increase in the range of temperatures experienced as one moves away from the coast.
The total amount of money sent home dropped along with a decrease in the number of migrant workers.
There has even been a two per cent decrease in the number of cars torched.
After all, a shrinking readership does not always imply a decrease in stature.
This reduction in mortality was almost entirely due to a decrease in deaths due to accidental overdose.
Russian security unilateralism would decrease ; consultation would increase.
Therefore, the wear rate of rhino teeth, in terms of crown height, may decrease exponentially with age.