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decorous / приличный, пристойный, соблюдающий приличия
имя прилагательное
decent, respectable, seemly, proper, decorous, comfortable
decent, proper, decorous
соблюдающий приличия
имя прилагательное
in keeping with good taste and propriety; polite and restrained.
dancing with decorous space between partners
He then proceeded to eat his dinner using bread and his fingers in a decorous manner, much to my sons' delight and fascination.
The young woman's acceptance of the cigarette, indoors and among her friends, was a statement of mild daring; during her wedding and the following celebrations, she was suitably decorous .
Further in front, children receiving their First Communion displayed a mixture of decorous behaviour and occasional outbursts of cheerful chanting in praise of their hero.
After all, she'd essentially refused to look him in the eye earlier, deciding to be proper and decorous instead of curious.
‘It looks like a cowpat,’ said the decorous Englishman who ordered it, ‘but it tastes good.’
Only after victory does he begin, clearly on the advice of his handlers, to adopt a more decorous manner.
Agatha, Apted's next film, is a much more decorous and gentle crime film, a fictionalised version of the disappearance of mystery writer Agatha Christie in 1926.
We're not just talking about a polite and decorous way to find a New Year's date in a matter of mere weeks.
Consequently, women are expected to be decorous , modest, and discreet.
The flag waving was decorous , the cheering polite and the umpire was never once insulted.