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decorator / декоратор, маляр, обойщик
имя существительное
painter, decorator
upholsterer, decorator, paperhanger
имя существительное
a person who decorates, in particular.
It boasts a decent-sized stage and nearly 400 seats, and employs a set builder, decorators and a technical director.
He'd probably hired a decorator ; the apartment just had that feeling.
Frisby, of Regents Place, works with his father as a self employed painter and decorator .
Our builder tells us that it is all right to paper the newly plastered walls, but our decorator says that he is a traditionalist and would prefer to wait some time for possible cracking, due to drying after the heating is switched on.
I've been feeling exhausted and after spending 3 days in relentless pursuit of just the perfect wallpaper I find myself without a decorator for the kitchen.
The professional decorator has already dug up the best sources for everything from upholstery services to marble pedestals.
There was a time when a decorator painted walls in small rooms white as a matter of course, believing that white would make a room appear larger.
He was a trained painter and decorator with a steady job and a loving family.
she became a painter and decorator
We are on a tight budget and I cannot afford a professional decorator to come to the home.
she became a painter and decorator