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decorative / декоративный, фигурный
имя прилагательное
decorative, ornamental, scenic, scenical
figured, decorative, figurate
имя прилагательное
serving to make something look more attractive; ornamental.
the outside of the building is functional rather than decorative
Second, their masses of small white, bell like blossoms are as decorative as any purely ornamental shrub.
There are two bedrooms, the largest of which features high ceilings and decorative coving, while the bathroom has a wooden floor.
Today, she works full-time as a decorative artist and has recently moved to Tadcaster, where she runs her business.
Born in Glasgow, Cottier was the pioneer of Scotland's original tradition of artistic and decorative interiors.
decorative style
After training as a decorative artist he worked successfully at Drury Lane, London, as a scene painter.
A significant feature is that decorative timberwork hides the simple beam construction and the use of steel for the beams.
Infinity pools (where the edges overflow with water) blur the boundary between swimming pool and decorative water feature.
It is painted in yellow and period features include decorative coving, a centre rose and a cast-iron fireplace.
Occasionally it was used as a decorative feature on American furniture with solid drawer fronts.