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decoration / украшение, декор, декорация
имя существительное
decoration, ornament, adornment, dressing, ornamentation, embellishment
decoration, scene
имя существительное
the process or art of decorating or adorning something.
the lavish decoration of cloth with gilt
a medal or award conferred as an honor.
The veterans were awarded an Active Service Medal, a decoration pinned to the chest of servicemen involved in conflict.
The medal is the highest decoration the British military gives.
The manuscript is also rich in ornamental decoration , to which those of the other exemplars are stylistically related.
We entered one of the numerous meeting and sitting rooms, still in the preliminary stages of decoration .
inside there was little decoration
interior decoration
Pope John Paul's coffin of blonde cypress wood had no decoration other than a slender cross and the letter M for Mary on the top.
The old furniture and decoration had a distinctly 1970s feel, so it will provide a much better environment for the services we provide.
he was awarded the highest Australian decoration
the lavish decoration of cloth with gilt
President Chen Shui-bian was awarded a decoration by President Miguel Rodriguez in the Costa Rican National Theater yesterday.