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decorate / украшать, декорировать, отделывать
decorate, adorn, garnish, dress, beautify, embellish
trim, finish, decorate, polish, work, finish off
make (something) look more attractive by adding extra items or images to it.
It was made out of exquisite gold, sculptures and ornaments decorating it.
confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces).
he was decorated for outstanding bravery
This will be a festive occasion and it is hoped that the people of the town will decorate their windows and put out flowers and other symbols of welcome.
Matched pairs of smaller tables and ornaments decorate each side, the objects on the left referring to the New Testament, and, to the right, the Old Testament.
They decorate the tree with lights and ornaments and then they place gifts under it.
Two teams of employees from Magnet were given just two days each to help fit a new kitchen and decorate the common room at the Robert Ogden School at Thurnscoe, near Barnsley.
So far they have only managed to decorate one-and-a-half rooms of the 21-room house they bought overlooking Kelvingrove Park last year.
‘I wanted my husband to plant a big spruce so that at Christmas I could decorate it with lights,’ she says.
I helped decorate a few rooms in my ex-girlfriends' house.
That's why we decided this year to really go to town and decorate the front of the house just to make it more memorable for her.
How can I paint or decorate her room to give it some color?
And just tell me when I will find the time to paint and decorate the house.