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decor / оформление, декорации, орнамент
имя существительное
decor, formalization, typography, figuration, get-up
scenery, decor, set
ornament, decor, tracery, garniture
имя существительное
the furnishing and decoration of a room.
It records the streets, the clothes, the decors and the furnishings of all strata of pre-war Paris society in ravishing detail.
She said a conscious effort would be made with the decor of the rooms to make them ‘less institutional’.
Looking around the dining room at the decor , nothing much had changed.
While they talked, Telli and Setisia examined the room, its exotic decor and its occupants.
inside, the decor is elegant and traditional
The decor is a tasteful combination of rich purple and elegant cream.
the decor revolves around a night-time street scene
The room has a nice modern decor , friendly and not at all intimidating.
Double doors open onto the dining room which has identical decor and a matching slate fireplace.
The flexible screen makes an excellent conversation piece and accent to my room decor .
a decor that strained too hard to convey class