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decontaminate / обеззараживать, дегазировать
degas, decontaminate, degasify
neutralize or remove dangerous substances, radioactivity, or germs from (an area, object, or person).
they tried to decontaminate nearby villages
The British government donated #20 million to decontaminate the sites, a process finally declared complete last week.
they tried to decontaminate nearby villages
Staff at Broomfield Hospital's accident and emergency department are being given special training on how to decontaminate victims of any biological, chemical, radioactive or nuclear incident.
Contractors are currently working to decontaminate the site, which has chromium and cadmium residues from the former foundry.
they tried to decontaminate nearby villages
There's not much that wildlife health officials can do to prevent this, but they could try to decontaminate high-risk areas or dissuade wild birds from visiting them - for example, by draining lakes.
Health workers should remove casualties' clothes and decontaminate their skin then give them clean clothing, such as paper suits, to wear.
York-based Persimmon Homes wants to build 148 flats and a three-storey office block on the former gasworks site in Heworth Green, and is willing to foot the bill to decontaminate the site.
If contamination is suspected, decontaminate the patient and environment following the facility's decontamination policies and procedures.
This equipment will be vital for decontaminating people who have come into contact with toxic or chemical materials.