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deconstruct / деконструировать
disassemble, dismantle
analyze (a text or a linguistic or conceptual system) by deconstruction, typically in order to expose its hidden internal assumptions and contradictions and subvert its apparent significance or unity.
Deconstructing the novel becomes a metaphor for deconstructing Western metaphysics.
In reaction to this sort of perspective, cultural studies theorists tried to destroy or deconstruct the distinction between high art and popular culture.
she likes to deconstruct the texts, to uncover what they are not saying
do we need to deconstruct all the institutions that we've created in order to improve them?
Why isn't Bill Gates trying to deconstruct the same system that made him wealthy?
After laying down the melody, he proceeded to deconstruct it, pulling it into new shapes, twisting, fragmenting, yet never losing touch with his starting point.
We will deconstruct this document from PDF back into text, and we will be in a position to supply the entire text of this document.
I want to deconstruct this myth that poverty breeds crime
For example, who could pick up a scientific paper and pull apart its conclusions, deconstruct its methodology, even understand what the bloody hell it is on about?
To prevent the oppression of women, it is necessary to deconstruct the institutions through men control women - institutions such as the free market
No Wave was about using the very building block of music (units of sound) to create and convey, or deconstruct and destroy what we knew about rock and roll.