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decompression / декомпрессия, понижение давления, релаксация
имя существительное
понижение давления
decompression, lapse
relaxation, decompression
имя существительное
a release of compressing forces, in particular.
Full training will be given to the prizewinner prior to flight take-off, which will include centrifugal training, skydive training and high altitude decompression .
In the patient with a crush injury, IV fluids should be started even before the trapped limb is freed and decompressed, and certainly no later than six hours after decompression .
itching and rashes often occur following decompression
the swim took some two hours, including a one hour decompression stop
I projected how long compression and decompression should take on computers of various speeds by simply scaling actual test results from my 1.7GHz CPU.
As well as the Windows help bug ‘fix’, there's also a patch for flaws in handling file decompression .
We discourage dives below 30 meters, especially if decompression stops are required.
The server is able to perform remote file compression and decompression by a request from the client.
The decompression pulled nine passengers out of plane, and they were lost at sea.
Before they return to the surface they will need to undergo a 17-hour decompression in the Aquarius, with atmospheric pressure gradually reduced to that on the surface.