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decompress / уменьшать давление, снижать давление
уменьшать давление
снижать давление
relieve of compressing forces, in particular.
In the patient with a crush injury, IV fluids should be started even before the trapped limb is freed and decompressed , and certainly no later than six hours after decompression.
calm down and relax.
Michael sits for a minute to decompress before walking home
Doria divers have been swept off the anchorline used to reach the wreck or misjudged their breathing gas supply and run out or failed to properly decompress on the ascent.
‘After sitting in an office for eight hours a day, working out was the perfect way to decompress and relax,’ she says.
Knowing how to compress and decompress an archived file is essential, especially in today's world of online computing.
In a reality of pain and hypervigilance, cops decompress by leaning on one another and/or taunting the living hell out of each other.
It took me some months after defending my dissertation before I could decompress , but I did.
Michael sits for a minute to decompress before walking home
it takes less time to load a small file and decompress it than to pull a larger file off the disk
The process isn't necessarily symmetrical - it often takes longer to compress a digital music file than to decompress it for playback.
With the help of the operative microscope, spinal surgeons can decompress the spine or remove a disc through incisions about an inch long.
I'm heading where I can't be found for a while… time to decompress .