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decompose / разлагаться, разлагать, анализировать
decompose, decay, corrupt, rot, putrefy, resolve
decompose, corrupt, disintegrate, resolve, dissolve, demoralize
analyze, dissect, decompose, anatomize, decompound, break down
(with reference to a dead body or other organic matter) make or become rotten; decay or cause to decay.
leaves stuffed in plastic bags do not decompose
Leaves decompose quickly, which can turn water murky and even make it smelly.
In those few hours the body had began to already decompose .
All dioxins are very stable and unlike most other chemicals do not quickly decompose or break down in the environment.
leaves stuffed in plastic bags do not decompose
It takes several weeks or longer, depending upon the size, for the body to completely decompose .
In acidic mixtures, such as many soft drinks, sucrose will chemically decompose over a period of time.
Regardless of whether it concerns volatile or solid substances, chemical explosives decompose into gas on detonation.
Submerged leaves decompose quickly and can cause scummy bacteria to form.
The most significant user is the glass industry, which uses sodium carbonate to decompose silicates for glass making.
living organisms are used to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen