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decoder / декодер, дешифратор, декодирующее устройство
имя существительное
декодирующее устройство
имя существительное
a person or thing that analyzes and interprets something, in particular.
The surround decoder , if present in the receiver, uses this information to move the pieces of audio to their respective positions, recreating the original multi-channel sound.
The community received a satellite dish, a digital satellite decoder and a television set.
It adds an essential component: the decoder , which also serves as a preamplifier that can make audio adjustments and also select from among several sound sources.
‘Major garrison locations receive the program, but one small unit with a satellite dish, decoder and a TV can get the signal as well,’ said Master Sgt.
Sense amplifiers are positioned between adjacent rows in the individual arrays; row decoders are positioned between adjacent columns in the individual arrays.
The optical output can be used to connect to DVD decoders , amplifiers, or other devices.
Main standby offenders in Irish homes are TVs, video recorders, DVDs, video games, satellite decoders , stereo systems, PCs and microwave ovens.
‘The schools are not only receiving electricity, the EU has also provided them with essential teaching aids such as television sets, decoders and satellite dishes,’ she said.
This therefore means doing clever things with satellite decoders , in order to intercept the foreign transmissions.
Data being read from or written to the memory cells is via the sense amplifier latches, the decoders , and data amplifiers.