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decoction / отвар, декокт, отваривание
имя существительное
decoction, liquor
имя существительное
the liquor resulting from concentrating the essence of a substance by heating or boiling, especially a medicinal preparation made from a plant.
a decoction of a root
Irvine writes that a decoction of crushed stems is drunk in Ghana for severe sickness and weakness.
These disorders can all be treated equally effectively with a decoction of salvia alone.
The oral ingestion of the same decoction may have improved cold tolerance due to its thermogenic effect.
We have therefore scientifically examined a decoction of commonly used medicinal herbs in order to examine their efficacy in preventing bone loss.
When I have the time I make a decoction by harvesting sprigs of the plant before it has flowered, enough to half fill a large saucepan.
A small percentage of white vinegar is added to the decoction .
In 1945, a botanical writer noted that on several Pacific islands a decoction of mashed noni fruit, along with kava root and crushed sugar cane stems, was used as a treatment for tuberculosis.
a decoction of a root
These herbs contain volatile oils that come out very quickly, and evaporate out of the decoction if steeped too long.
Smells like a decoction of mild tropical fruits with some pears in there and a certain frisky note of red capsicum.