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declivity / уклон, склон, спуск
имя существительное
skew, slope, bias, deviation, gradient, declivity
slope, hill, side, flank, descent, declivity
descent, down, downhill, escapement, launching, declivity
имя существительное
a downward slope.
a thickly wooded declivity
When he walked, he walked as though he went down a declivity .
Set in the Catskill Mountains, the canvas's foreground depicts a logged-over declivity through which runs a thin trickle of water that carries the viewer's eye toward a farmhouse barely visible in the shadows.
a thickly wooded declivity
The Brahmaputra River, one of the great rivers of the world, pours down from Tibet, in a steep declivity , into Assam, down toward Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal.
Their private apartment rising to a two-storey townhouse overlooking the golf course and encompassing vistas that include the Nephin mountains and a gradual declivity of agricultural land that snuggles in the Moy estuary.
Hours later, I found the pass at over 18,000 feet, a sharp declivity between two minor summits.
A hundred metres to the north is an ancient cairn/wind shelter sitting on the edge of the declivity which leads to Scope End.
a thickly wooded declivity
To get from the police post to the crater you descend the declivitous wall of the old volcano, with its layers of hardened lava at the top and scree at the bottom.
The 32-metre-high Margit Lookout located in the settlement provides a magnificent panorama of the declivitous landscape.