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declassify / рассекречивать
officially declare (information or documents) to be no longer secret.
government documents were declassified
she called for vigorous research before any moves are made to declassify the drug in Ireland
Experience shows that commissions require, on average, a year or two to report their results - and even more time to declassify their reports so they can be released for public discussion.
Consequently, I have determined that it is in the public interest and the best interest of law enforcement to declassify this information.
Specifically, she noted that Congress does, in fact, have the authority to declassify information.
Only the president can declassify information.
The law requires the State Department to declassify this material, and yet it is failing to do so.
Fifty years later, the German government still refuses to declassify its own records on the subject.
The CIA refuses to declassify the documents involved.
But prior to publication, all documents from the Presidential Archive are declassified , as are documents held in the archives of the former KGB.
The American Freedom of Information Act declassified the trial records.