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declarative / декларативный, повествовательный
имя прилагательное
declarative, declaratory
narrative, declarative
имя прилагательное
of the nature of or making a declaration.
declarative statements
denoting high-level programming languages that can be used to solve problems without requiring the programmer to specify an exact procedure to be followed.
He is examining more declarative programming languages.
имя существительное
a statement in the form of a declaration.
I don't - unlike some - have to stoop to declaratives like ‘I loathe’: I've tried to stick to William Goldman's dictum of ‘show, don't tell.’
I address some of the issues that critics have raised, about how he makes people nervous with his morally declarative speaking style.
She has expressed her demand for action in a declarative form, rather than encode it in the more direct imperative form.
Now it is very difficult for actors to lose that intonation because they're so used to not doing that downward declarative intonation, they're much more used to just kind of going up when they finish the sentence.
Nothing exceptional here, or in the calm declarative prose in which the other stories are told.
For him and his reporters, they report in straightforward, declarative sentences, with none of the caveats that Bennett mentions.
In the declarative clause, it is not the first auxiliary that is placed before the subject to make the interrogative.
The syntax of English says (for example) that the subject should precede the predicate in a normal declarative : The cat wants to go out rather than * Wants to go out the cat.
XSLT is a declarative language: Unnatural for programmers who have been trained in and have been doing procedural programming for years.
Each time she chants it we encounter the essential use of the simple declarative sentence, the basic seed from which all speech proliferates.
I think this is a testament to his classroom method, which was questioning (not classically Socratic, because he did not call on unwilling students), rather than declarative .