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declaration / заявление, декларация, объявление
имя существительное
statement, application, declaration, claim, allegation, assertion
declaration, manifest, proclamation, pronouncement
ad, advertisement, declaration, announcement, advert, notice
имя существительное
a formal or explicit statement or announcement.
they issued a declaration at the close of the talks
The court granted a declaration to the plaintiff.
We need an official declaration that we are innocent.
The king's raising of his standard at Nottingham on 20 August was the formal declaration of war.
For example, the Helsinki summit declaration envisions a multinational planning staff to collect information and make assessments.
Although he held four rounds of talks with Vajpayee, extending his stay, the two leaders failed to thrash out an agreement or a joint declaration by the end of the historic summit.
Before the breakdown, a draft declaration was issued to force member countries to cut farm subsidies.
The German-Soviet war in 1941 brought hopes of freedom and even a declaration of independence in western Ukraine.
By cross-motion the plaintiff sought a declaration that the settlement and final release were void.
The first Japanese attack took place after diplomatic relations had been broken off but before the formal declaration of war.
I will dismiss the claim of the claimants for a declaration to the opposite effect.