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declamatory / декламационный, ораторский, напыщенный
имя прилагательное
oratorical, declamatory
pompous, bombastic, stilted, turgid, highfalutin, declamatory
And on the few occasions when Fauré calls for it, she has huge, declamatory power at the very summit of her voice.
These pieces are the perhaps most conventionally dramatic, although Sedayne's declamatory vocals may not be to every listener's taste.
The thunderous declamatory tones preferred by his father, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, are absent.
The music's expression ranges from declamatory to lyrical.
For most of the 1740s and early 1750s he appeared regularly at Covent Garden and with his contrasting, somewhat old-fashioned declamatory style was seen as the rival of the more naturalistic Garrick at Drury Lane.
The space is totally unsympathetic and encourages declamatory performances.
Macklin's championing of realistic delivery in place of a declamatory manner greatly influenced contemporaries, notably David Garrick.
Davis's verse is characterized by robust statements of urban themes, a fierce social consciousness, a strong declamatory voice, and an almost rabid racial pride.
The students compiled declamatory speeches on issues of global and social concern.
He made this speech in a declamatory manner, standing in front of the fire, addressing himself half to Lucasta and half to an unseen audience in the middle distance.