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declamation / декламация, торжественная речь, художественное чтение
имя существительное
recitation, declamation, rant, recital, singsong
торжественная речь
художественное чтение
имя существительное
the action or art of declaiming.
Shakespearean declamation
Schoenberg sought what he called ‘speech melody’ - something between declamation and song - and he devised a notation that indicated the rise and fall of the voice, as well as its rhythm.
There is a positively baroque reliance on recitative, or heightened declamation .
On the stage, Mrs Siddons senior and Mr John Kemble were remarkable for the solemn deliberation of their manner, both in declamation and action, and yet they were splendidly gifted in power.
Thus Queen Elizabeth I's rousing declamation to her troops at Tilbury in 1588 falls into this category since it is hinged to the crisis of the Spanish Armada.
The fruity gravitas of the traditional actor's declamation had become a liability rather than an asset.
lines written for a school declamation
His booming declamation often manages to override the humorous intent of many of Beckett's lines.
Shakespearean declamation
I insist on absolutely perfect German declamation , unique color, professional experience, stage resumes, and absolute commitment to Wagner.
Schnittke's through-composed style is at times powerfully direct, but sometimes too direct, the chorus's declamation dramatic yet detached and almost perfunctory.