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declaim / декламировать, читать, витийствовать
recite, declaim, rant, say
read, declaim, deliver
declaim, speechify
utter or deliver words or a speech in a rhetorical or impassioned way, as if to an audience.
she declaimed her views
an opportunity to declaim against the evils of society
His mouth was open, as though he were about to declaim a poem, or speak an epigram.
When was the last time you heard anybody declaim against usury?
His role as declaimer seemed attached to, not intrinsic to the opera.
The Herald noted that socialists revelled in the opportunity to air their grievances and declaim against the wickedness of those whose worldly possessions were enough to make equal distribution desirable.
That these same words had been declaimed ten years earlier in rather different circumstances is not mentioned.
He has one of those public school faces that was created solely to stare up at blue English skies from a gently rocking punt while a tousle-haired type declaims Rupert Brooke.
As soon as he speaks, all you hear is some sixth-former declaiming bad poetry.
Speeches declaimed from the front of the stage explore theories about what is real and when an illusion becomes reality.
Beautifully staged, with wonderfully spoken rather than declaimed language which makes it so much more understandable… at moments it seemed almost modern though I don't think the script was adapted at all.