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deckchair / шезлонг
имя существительное
deck chair, lounge, daybed, recliner, chaise-longue
имя существительное
a folding chair of wood and canvas, typically used near the sea or on the deck of passenger ships.
Just then, a gust of wind rocked the ship; Isaac stumbled backwards, falling against a deckchair , his whole face a deathly shade of white.
Back at the Grand Hotel Terme hotel - with summer in mind - there is also a small outdoor pool at the lakeside and an ample terrace on which to recline in a deckchair .
But one day, two years after his wedding, while lounging in a deckchair , shelling peanuts on an October afternoon, Sharma was startled by a premonition.
The deckchairs were still there on the beach with the vendors walking up and down selling their wares.
I certainly do not need my beach time spoilt by the sight of dozens of police ludicrously measuring the spaces occupied by deckchairs , as happened recently.
Retired vicars slumbering in deckchairs around village grounds will awaken with a jolt and splutter into their teas when they hear the suggestion that the French invented cricket.
There are cheerful big resorts for those seeking poolside deckchairs , waiters bearing frothy drinks, and every desire heartily satisfied.
Some few years ago volleyball was played on the sandy beach area behind the deckchairs , and the past city hall officers said no to this and stated you must play on the water's edge area.
For all too many of us, the Saga brand is still associated with coachloads of doddery pensioners who swarm upon seaside resorts across Britain to queue up for deckchairs , ice cream and perhaps a bawdy postcard, if the wife's not looking.
Did you hear that the Blackpool Tourist Board are trying to replace the prom deckchairs with sun-loungers and continental-style tables and chairs?