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deck / палуба, колода, настил
имя существительное
deck, pack, log, block, chump, wood block
flooring, deck, floor, decking, covering, flat
имя прилагательное
deck, topside
decorate, adorn, garnish, dress, beautify, deck
remove, take away, tidy, clean up, tidy up, deck
настилать палубу
имя существительное
a structure of planks or plates, approximately horizontal, extending across a ship or boat at any of various levels, especially one of those at the highest level and open to the weather.
he stood on the deck of his flagship
a component or unit in sound-reproduction equipment that incorporates a playing or recording mechanism for discs or tapes.
the car has cruise control and a tape deck
a pack of cards.
shuffle the deck
decorate or adorn brightly or festively.
Ingrid was decked out in her Sunday best
knock (someone) to the ground with a punch.
I thought Kent had become timid after Kareem decked him with one punch during his rookie year.
He got up in that parking deck with his DV camera, and he captured this amazing storm surge as it rolled in.
the upper deck of the car park
Intimate Poker is a deck of cards with a range of forfeits specified on each card.
Another of my friends had brought a record deck , another his BBC Micro computer, and all of a sudden things didn't look too bad at all.
When he went looking through the offered board games he found not only a deck of cards but also a cribbage board.
a cassette deck
The man played idly with a deck of cards, shuffling and re-shuffling with a bit of a smirk on his face.
Of course we've seen it before with Astroturf which was revolutionary at the time, but unlike Astroturf it doesn't sandpaper your knees when you hit the deck .
There was a tourist observation deck nearby, outfitted with telescopes.
Taipei 101 management will open an observation deck on the 89th floor of the building on Jan.19.