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decision / решение, определение, решимость
имя существительное
decision, solution, resolution, resolve, award, answer
definition, determination, designation, decision, specification, finding
determination, resolve, resolution, decision, resoluteness, dead
имя существительное
a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.
I'll make the decision on my own
We can give you examples and bring you to the moment of decision , but you have to do all the rest.
This is an application for judicial review of a decision of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal.
The Council said it will reach a final decision on the planning application within the next two to three weeks.
However, all of its members were appointed by the monarch, its meetings were held in secret, and it had no powers of decision .
The claimant failed in an attempt to get a judicial review of a decision by the Press Complaints Commission.
the editor's decision is final
Doctors should supply patients with sufficient information to reach an informed decision about their health care.
The element of decision had gone, and it was this sense of helpless inability to influence events that robbed me of courage.
For hundreds of thousands of voters, the time of decision is over already.
Yet he passed this first test with flying colors, fighting his way to a ten round decision .