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decimal / десятичный
имя прилагательное
decimal, denary
имя существительное
десятичная дробь
decimal, decimal fraction
имя прилагательное
relating to or denoting a system of numbers and arithmetic based on the number ten, tenth parts, and powers of ten.
decimal arithmetic
имя существительное
a fraction whose denominator is a power of ten and whose numerator is expressed by figures placed to the right of a decimal point.
We can use arithmetics with different bases, fractions, decimals , logarithms, powers, or simply words.
The easiest half is to convert from binary to decimal .
To keep the structure of the argument clearly in view Wittgenstein uses a system of decimal numbering.
And even though U.S. currency is decimal and therefore metric, we don't think of it that way.
Walton has also noticed that the total of the durations of the kingdoms and the total of the ages of the patriarchs are numerically related and are equivalent if the number base of the Sumerian list is changed from sexagesimal to decimal .
However, the bank is also making preparations to take in as many of the 2.5 billion coins they have minted since the introduction of decimal currency in 1971.
IP addresses are usually written as four sets of numbers (known as dotted decimal , or dotted quad notation), each having a value between 0 and 255.
It's certainly not the notes and coins that bother me as we would be able to retain the monarchs head, as have Spain, Netherlands and Belgium, because it's no different in those terms from when we converted to decimal currency.
One of his last banking functions was to initiate the change to decimal currency.
At the time when New Zealand changed to decimal currency in the 1960s, one pound was equal to two dollars.
The uniformity of administrative structures was reflected, later, in the imposition of a national, decimal system of weights, measures, and currency.