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deciding / решать, принимать решение, решаться
decide, solve, resolve, settle, determine, choose
принимать решение
decide, resolve, arrive at a decision, settle, come to a decision, conclude
decide, resolve, determine, choose, venture, choose rather
имя прилагательное
serving to resolve or settle something.
quality service is often the deciding factor for customers
come to a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration.
they decided to appoint someone else
But there was one deciding factor: although she had to pay to get herself and her son to the hospital, the treatment, once there, was free.
For opponents of the euro, and they are not exclusively Conservative, that was a signal that a political determination, not an economic one, will be the deciding factor.
Mr Howden said his mother moved to Bellingham Road around seven years ago and ‘a major deciding factor’ was the fact the bus went right past her door.
If I struggle, I can remember the new bicycle sitting on the porch on the morning of my birthday that year, and how I overheard much later that it had been a deciding factor in her decision.
As ever, the availability of financial resources from City of York Council would be the deciding factor in any such project.
Then when I went training with them, there was a lot of professionalism and enjoyment in it, and that was the deciding factor.
So more and more the final decision comes down to personal preference and the deciding factor of price.
Ultimately, how you handle yourself at the crucial moment is the deciding factor for a winner.
And stamina while playing a computer may be the deciding factor in this match.
An injury to Rossendale goalkeeper John Gillies proved to be the deciding factor in this match.