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decidedly / решительно, явно, несомненно
strong, decidedly, vigorously, flatly, positively, stoutly
obviously, apparently, evidently, visibly, patently, decidedly
undoubtedly, certainly, doubtless, beyond doubt, no doubt, decidedly
undoubtedly; undeniably.
he looked decidedly uncomfortable
in a decisive and confident way.
“No,” Donna said decidedly
It seems some of the Scottish press didn't like the decidedly downbeat conclusion of the feature.
She was decidedly uncomfortable when she felt the warmth of his body next to hers.
It sounds decidedly unromantic but when it comes to practicality, Grevett has hit the nail on the head.
The two gentlemen who were operating the roulette table were looking decidedly worried.
The lacklustre script gives the actors nothing to do and the villain is decidedly bland.
I ended up occupying the end of the bar and nursing a Guinness and feeling decidedly uncomfortable.
he looked decidedly uncomfortable
he looked decidedly uncomfortable
In fact, some studies have shown that youth crime has taken a decidedly downward turn.
Due to environmental conditions this risk was decidedly lower than in previous years.