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deceptive / обманчивый, вводящий в заблуждение
имя прилагательное
deceptive, misleading, deceiving, false, lying, deceitful
вводящий в заблуждение
misleading, deceptive, misguiding, deceitful, sophisticated, double-meaning
имя прилагательное
giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.
he put the question with deceptive casualness
First impressions can more often than not be deceptive , but when it comes to football they tend to be spot on.
Double-talk and deceptive marketing materials figure large in this enterprise.
Bellamy looks small and slight beside his teammate, but never have appearances been so deceptive .
His solution, as brilliant as it is deceptive , is to reinvent himself as a moderate.
Spokesman for Cumbria Constabulary Mike Head warned that lake waters could be dangerously deceptive .
Others may use deceptive sales tactics and false positives to scare up sales from confused users.
His main asset is his pace and it's deceptive pace as well because you don't realise just how quickly he's travelling.
Quantitative studies must be done exactly right in every detail or the numbers will be deceptive .
But take the time to talk to him and you realise just how deceptive outward appearances can be.
We looked the part, but appearances came be deceptive , as I was soon to discover.