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decentralize / децентрализовать, децентрализировать
transfer (authority) from central to local government.
Canada has one of the most decentralized governments in the world
It would decentralize international authority, allowing states to defend their interests without waiting for the go ahead from one recalcitrant sovereign.
new technology allows companies to decentralize large factories
‘We should decentralize authority to the provinces, and promote education in the provinces and make sure good schools are established not only in the capital,’ he said.
As technology evolves and organizations decentralize , people on the front lines have far more independence and responsibility.
he argues that giant corporations must decentralize
European countries were trying to decentralize
It is essential to decentralize decision authority to the lowest practical level because overcentralization slows down action and leads to inertia.
Today's world is about flexibility, pluralism and decentralization .
The only way to do that is through a federal system of government that decentralizes power to the regions.
If there is no way for the man on the spot to make use of this sort of information, which would be available to a central planner, then there may be no advantage in decentralizing decision-making authority.