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decent / приличный, порядочный, пристойный
имя прилагательное
decent, respectable, seemly, proper, decorous, comfortable
decent, respectable, fair, sportsmanlike, clean-living
decent, proper, decorous
имя прилагательное
conforming with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behavior.
the good name of such a decent and innocent person
of an acceptable standard; satisfactory.
find me a decent cup of coffee
So, after a decent interval occupied by morning chores, off we went into the sunshine.
And for heaven's sake people, put some decent clothes on your daughter.
It's satisfying to get two decent , sustaining main meals for two hungry blokes out of one medium sized chicken.
After a decent interval has passed, we'll hear what they're going to do.
The truth is, most lawyers in Canada make a decent , modest living.
I told her everything and she listened, which I thought was pretty decent of a total stranger who looked sober.
‘Lyn are you there?’ Andrea said knocking. ‘Are you decent ?’
In this vein, as well as the fact that this recipe is Ligurian in its history, it seemed only appropriate to post a decent pesto recipe.
After a decent interval, Prince George married his late brother's fiancée, Princess May, and they were a far more suitable couple than she and Eddy would have been.
I chatted for a decent interval, then picked up my book, smiled, and wished them a pleasant vacation.