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decennial / десятилетний, продолжающийся десять лет
имя прилагательное
продолжающийся десять лет
имя прилагательное
recurring every ten years.
the decennial census
The winning tender for the contract to carry out the decennial National Housing Survey cost €2.86 million, The Sunday Business Post has learned.
In 2001, for the first time, the decennial UK census asked the entire population about caring responsibilities and general self rated health.
Since then, results of the decennial census have been used - no later than the following year - to ensure that voting districts are created using the most current population statistics.
This data, while not an exact picture of conditions in 2005, still provides a more accurate representation of the current situation facing children than does the decennial census data from 2000.
On their decennial European vacations, Mr. and Mrs. Fine visit the summer homes of great composers.
This is evident from the decennial growth rate of the Jain population from 1981 to 1991 which shows just 4% growth while the rest of the Indian population registered a growth rate of about 20 to 24 per cent.
The Great Exhibition coincided with the decennial census, which was begun in 1801-in itself a symbol of the desire to measure, to count, and classify which became so characteristic a feature of Victorian society.
The decennial survey, which Americans were supposed to fill out and return by mid April, doesn't ask about sexual orientation, but it does allow couples to identify as unmarried partners.
He said the results from the decennial census will be crucial in Telecom's strategic planning and provision of telecommunications services and infrastructure.
Though the census methods were crude by modern standards, the institution of decennial censuses offered a systematic basis for estimates and one which Rickman helped to refine and improve.