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decelerate / замедлять ход, уменьшать скорость, уменьшать ход
замедлять ход
decelerate, ease down, slack up
уменьшать скорость
уменьшать ход
(of a vehicle, machine, or process) reduce speed; slow down.
international growth rates decelerated in the early 1970s
Future cars could decelerate , brake or swerve of their own accord.
When it is dry, a person can safely decelerate at the rate of 15 feet per second per second (fpsps).
This would pose a serious problem if exports, the main growth engine, decelerate , as is expected when the U.S. economy slows further in the coming months.
Suddenly, the throttle pedal pushes back hard at you causing you to decelerate to the speed limit.
the train began to decelerate
Change that is too rapid leads to crisis, engendering a loss of stability, and to behavior designed to decelerate the rate of change.
Local consumer spending is likely to decelerate as the unemployment rate, which edged up to 4.7% in the May-July period, tends to rise further, he said.
A computer model will then assess each person's potential tolerance to injury and adjust the force of their seatbelt accordingly, so it ‘gives’ a little once the brakes are applied and the car begins to decelerate .
This summer, I think the GDP will probably decelerate ; interest rates will continue to go up until the end of the year.
The rate of GDP growth can decelerate and even shift into reverse in those countries in which the rate of workforce decline exceeds productivity growth.