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deceased / покойник
имя существительное
deceased, departed, defunct, late lamented
имя прилагательное
late, deceased, departed, defunct, later, latter
dead, deceased, died, late, departed, defunct
deceased, departed, defunct
имя прилагательное
dead; no longer living.
the cremation of a deceased person
имя существительное
a person who has died.
in memory of the deceased
Dominic will live for another few years, but as soon as he deceases , his daughter will take his position.
The deceased 's use of violence was not premeditated and he had no intention to kill.
The Applicant in that case questioned the testamentary capacity of the deceased person.
On the third, seventh, and fortieth day after a loved one's death, there are large gatherings dedicated to the deceased 's memory.
The deceased was always sober and coherent at the time of such conversations and had no reason to lie to her brother as she had nothing to gain from it.
Her conduct as solicitor of the administration of the estate of Cecil Burrows deceased was the subject matter of an application for a remuneration certificate.
There is also evidence that living donor kidneys give significantly better results than kidneys from deceased donors.
The deceased was found with multiple head injuries on a footpath after the two accused had left him.
The deceased 's depression and psychosis after the cross-examination flowed, not from his back injury, but from his pursuit of compensation.
She is deceased , your Honour, as I understand it.
Fr McCauley from the Dominican Priory celebrated the mass for the living and the deceased members of the community.