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decease / смерть, кончина, смертельный исход
имя существительное
death, dying, demise, end, passing, decease
demise, end, decease, departure
смертельный исход
die, pass away, decease, pass on, depart, end one's days
die, kick, kick in, pass away, succumb, decease
имя существительное
a doctor's sudden decease
Dominic will live for another few years, but as soon as he deceases , his daughter will take his position.
a doctor's sudden decease
About a month before her decease , the witness had a conversation with the deceased in his bedroom.
He is wealthy, of a very clean reputation, and his father is the Duke of Wakefield - meaning that I shall soon become the Duchess of Wakefield after his Grace's decease !
Upon hearing of their decease , I was worried that I would never hear their type of unique song craft again.
Then we have, as a working hypothesis, one natural death deliberately inflicted and one unnatural decease .
The sisters, you remember, were there weeping sadly over their brother's decease .
he held the post until his untimely decease in 1991
One of the most important festivals of all is Vesak at the full moon in May when the birth, enlightenment and decease of the Buddha are remembered.
In the side walls of the vaults are niches where skeleton monks sit or stand, clad in the brown habits that they wore in life, and labelled with their names and the dates of their decease .
After the artist's decease , his publisher Akiyama Buemon printed posthumous editions of Tsuki Hyakushi as album sets from the original blocks.