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decapitate / обезглавливать, отрубать голову
behead, decapitate, decollate
отрубать голову
behead, decapitate
cut off the head of (a person or animal).
a decapitated body
We were led to believe that they were going to decapitate the army, decapitate the bureaucracy, put in a new regime relatively quickly and we would be out relatively quickly.
The commonly held belief among activists is that Canada, as an exporter of GM food and opponent of the Biosafety Protocol, deliberately tried to decapitate the anti-GM bloc.
The essence of this operation which began Wednesday a week ago was to decapitate the leadership and I'm sure that's still a very, very high objective.
But I do see a clear pattern - a White House trying to decapitate another news organization.
Conservative MPs have most immediate reason to be alarmed by further advances for the Lib Dems, especially when it is coupled with an attempt to decapitate leading members of the shadow cabinet.
The High Court in Edinburgh heard how after he had strangled her with his bare hands he tried to decapitate her with a bread knife.
They twice attempted to decapitate the legitimate, democratically elected UK government.
The problem, though, is that you're not going to decapitate an organization like JI.
After dropping 35 ft, he hit a metal fence which decapitated him.
A laugh escaped his lips when he saw my pain and I only felt like taking that steak knife and doing the world a favor by decapitating him.