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decant / сцеживать, декантировать, выцеживать
gradually pour (liquid, typically wine or a solution) from one container into another, especially without disturbing the sediment.
the wine was decanted about 40 minutes before being served
After you have extracted the essence, you can decant the water into a brown bottle.
Just decant the wine by pouring it into a clean jug or decanter.
If you're bringing in booze, decant it into plastic bottles and cups.
But my customers expect a little something extra, and when we decant the wines or present the cork, that's something they're willing to pay for.
In today's technologically correct wine era, there is little or no need to decant any wine - red, white or fortified.
You have to decant the wine for it to get the required air.
But infinitely preferable is to buy a bottle of red wine, decant it into two scrupulously clean half bottles, keep in the cool and dark, and drink one before t'other.
Use a funnel to decant the olive oil into the bottle.
Any wine waiter worth his grapes will decant the wine before serving it.
tour coaches decant eager customers directly into the store