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decamp / скрываться, сниматься с лагеря, выступать из лагеря
hide, lurk, disappear, go into hiding, abscond, decamp
сниматься с лагеря
выступать из лагеря
depart suddenly or secretly, especially to relocate one's business or household in another area.
now he has decamped to Hollywood
Yushchenko had asked the protesters to strike the camp last week, but many were reluctant to decamp and many stalwarts only began leaving Friday or Saturday.
In fact, lack of interest led some of the audience to decamp during the break.
After living in Whistler for 12 years, she decamped to Golden in May to escape an escalating cost of living.
Just before sunset, the army decamped as if to go east to meet Kerbogha in the field.
After spending the Christmas season in London with my family, Rylan and I decamped for the continent, hoping that when we returned, the scandal of our wedding would have died down.
At the end of 2000, Aiken decamped to London and completed a postgraduate course in journalism at the University of Central England in Birmingham.
In January 2004, after contributing to Cambridge University's decision to abandon its plans for a new neuroscience research centre, the animal rights group and a number of its supporters decamped to Oxford.
Then while on a photo assignment in Reykjavik three years ago, he bumped into an ex girlfriend and within six months had decamped to Iceland.
She came up with several plans that failed spectacularly and finally decamped for England.
While the rest of the group were filming Honest, Lewis decamped to LA and started writing the follow-up to their debut album, including the mighty first single Pure Shores.