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decaffeinated / без кофеина
имя прилагательное
без кофеина
decaffeinated, decaf, caffeine-free
remove most or all of the caffeine from (coffee or tea).
decaffeinated coffee
Either switch to decaffeinated tea or coffee or herbal infusions like vervain, mint or camomile.
Kenneth ordered a light breakfast including bacon, scrambled eyes, grits, pecan waffles, orange juice, and decaffeinated coffee.
In health-conscious Los Angeles people only drink decaffeinated coffee and then only with milk.
During breakfast (whole-grain cereal, fruit, milk, and decaffeinated coffee) she wards off Alzheimer's disease by doing the daily crossword puzzle.
If you're truly sensitive to the jitters, herbal blends are caffeine-free, and some black teas are decaffeinated .
Even more surprising, blood pressure was increased in the nonhabitual drinkers who drank only decaffeinated coffee, suggesting that substances in coffee other than caffeine may have an effect on the heart.
Now a study comes out saying decaffeinated coffee may be harmful to our hearts by raising fatty acids in our blood.
I love the rich, dark flavor but my body doesn't like the caffeine, and decaffeinated coffee has always seemed like a contradiction in terms.
Further investigations of decaffeinated coffee and tea intake as arthritis risk factors are needed to verify these findings and explore their biologic basis.
Demand for decaffeinated coffee is growing globally because of the possible adverse health effects of caffeinated coffee, says one news source.