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decade / десятилетие, десяток, группа из десяти
имя существительное
decade, decennary, decenniad
ten, decade, dicker
группа из десяти
имя существительное
a period of ten years.
he taught at the university for nearly a decade
a set, series, or group of ten, in particular.
Most of Eastern Europe was about to enter four decades of Stalinist dictatorship and incompetence.
a local priest led the mourners in a decade of the rosary
It is not just that he has turned 50; it has more to do with the fact that he has been retired from test cricket for eight years, nearly a decade .
Even with the decline, the state's hospitals employed more people at the end of the 1990s than at the beginning of the decade .
Then maybe a small group would join hands in a circle in prayer and somebody would begin a decade of the rosary.
It was the early 1990s, the beginning of a decade of civil war and chaos.
Pilgrims returning from the monastery at Mount Melleray have been known to stop and say a decade of the rosary for the departed.
Just a few of the signs: Impatient investors now hold onto stocks for only one year, on average, down from nearly two years a decade ago.
The urge to change the world that gnaws at normal people in their late teens and early 20's was taking shape in me around the beginning of my fourth decade .
Neighbours and friends who visited Pamela's home yesterday recited prayers and a decade of the rosary in a bid to quieten the restless spirit.
But this is really just to frame the fact that today's the day; the ending of the past decade and the beginning of the next.