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debt / долг
имя существительное
debt, duty, obligation, credit, trust, liability
имя существительное
something, typically money, that is owed or due.
I paid off my debts
I do owe him a debt , as it was reading his blog that first got me hooked.
Is the company's debt less than 40 percent of its capital?
He scared me the first few times I encountered him, but I owe him a huge debt .
You want a mortgage that calculates interest daily so every overpayment reduces your debt .
All owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her many years of dedicated service to the Church.
we owe them a debt of thanks
He feels he owes a particular debt to Prowse, who first encouraged him to direct 11 years ago.
In his late 20's, he's a sharp dresser, big smoker, has a mortgage and is up to his eyes in debt .
the firm is heavily in debt
He says that every year or two a movie comes along that owes Stevenson an obvious debt .