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debris / обломки, развалины, осколки
имя существительное
debris, wreck, detritus, shivers, flinders, carcass
ruins, debris, remains, detritus, carcass, carcase
debris, detritus, smithereens, smithers
имя существительное
scattered fragments, typically of something wrecked or destroyed.
the bomb hits it, showering debris from all sides
a stable arrangement of planets, comets, and debris orbiting the sun
They say they have suffered abuse from threatening groups of young people and have found drug debris scattered in the street.
Both men died instantly in the crash, which left debris scattered over a wide area.
After having to unstrap to walk over a rocky outcrop we arrived at the top of the next slope, which was fairly steep, and littered with rock debris .
The regular helicopter pad was not usable, scattered with debris from the plane and the explosion.
Blackened and twisted debris was scattered far and wide over across the gentle slope, like driftwood on a beach.
They put in a plastic casing to hold the well and surrounded it with gravel to keep out rocks and other debris .
Many roads were littered with debris including fallen traffic lights and overturned cars blocked several routes.
The inner edge also tends to be masked by eroded seacliff debris .
During the day, they will be found buried in the loose soil and debris or under soil clods.