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debonair / жизнерадостный, любезный, добродушный
имя прилагательное
resilient, sanguine, buoyant, debonair, blithe, bouncy
kind, dear, amiable, gracious, accommodating, debonair
genial, amiable, easygoing, debonair, clever, good-natured
имя существительное
gallantry, debonair
имя прилагательное
(of a man) confident, stylish, and charming.
He's debonair , smooth, handsome and slim like Moore.
He's debonair , smooth, handsome and slim like Moore.
Before me is not the debonair , gentleman writer I had expected but an unshaven, dishevelled man with wild, curly grey hair and frayed clothing.
He was charming, debonair , and a master of comedic timing.
Handsome doesn't even begin to describe how dashing and debonair he looks.
When I am 71, can I be as suave, good-looking and debonair as the late Sacha Distel?
He would be handsome, intelligent and debonair , but affable and always approachable, and on top of that he would always be wise, loving and kind.
More often than not, Michael Douglas is known for playing suave, debonair men.
The debonair , sophisticated singer has tackled so many different styles that he transcends easy classification.
Gentle and debonair in manners, he knows how to be a submissive husband and cater to the needs of his sweetheart.
He could not have looked more suave or debonair had he walked out of the window of a fashion house in Recoleta, the upmarket district of his hometown Buenos Aires.