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debilitate / ослаблять, истощать, расслаблять
loosen, weaken, relax, attenuate, reduce, debilitate
deplete, exhaust, run down, wear out, debilitate, attenuate
relax, enervate, unbrace, enfeeble, emasculate, debilitate
make (someone) weak and infirm.
a weakness that debilitates him despite his overwhelming physical might
As the disease progresses, it can debilitate a person by slowly eating away the joint's cartilage and bone.
There are a number of drugs that may be used to debilitate a victim and make it easier to perpetrate sexual assault.
All four forms of malaria debilitate the patient by destroying human hemoglobin and are characterized by a cycle of fever, chills, and sweating.
If this protein is so dangerous, why doesn't the body's immune system counteract the effects, or at least debilitate the protein?
hard drugs destroy families and debilitate communities
The lack of employment spurs the mass human migrations that so debilitate the district.
hard drugs destroy families and debilitate communities
A partially debilitated James shuffled his first steps through the medical bay, rebuilding his atrophied muscles after his injury.
The dose should generally be reduced in children, elderly, or debilitated patients.
‘These are very good for people who need to detox, for people who have had debilitative problems over a number of years such as MS or arthritis,’ explains Magdalene Sacranie, chartered physiotherapist at Roundelwoods.