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debauch / разврат, дебош, оргия
имя существительное
debauchery, debauch, lechery, philandering, filth, harlotry
debauch, hellbender
orgy, debauch, debauchery, bacchanalia
seduce, flatter, debauch, inveigle, blandish
corrupt, deprave, pervert, defile, debauch, pollute
seduce, pervert, abuse, debauch
имя существительное
a bout of excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures, especially eating and drinking.
To his credit, Boswell never sought to downplay his debauches .
destroy or debase the moral purity of; corrupt.
Is it ethical to do so, is it moral to debauch one's artistic integrity at the altar of Oscar greed?
I'd had a pint of beer, four glasses of wine, and some whisky, and that felt like a tremendous debauch .
Lenin is said to have said the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the currency.
The roots of many carnivals around the world are in pre-Lenten debauch - a time to get down and dirty before those 40 days of strained piety.
A return to a standard once lost is a painful and laborious journey… As Cobden once said of the greenbacks, after the debauch comes the headache.
Cue drum intro and hip-shaking guitar riff as I roll out of bed groggy and a bit down after the previous night's debauch , knowing that soon I'm about to feel either much better or much worse.
I don't watch Eastenders these days, but I often catch a few minutes from the Sunday afternoon omnibus edition as I struggle to set the VCR before setting out for a night's debauch .
I can't speak for other Londoners, but May Day Riots are rapidly joining the London Marathon as events that I never witness as such, yet whose aftermath always somehow impinges, usually when I'm off in search of debauch .
his life had been spent in debauch
And then some unscheduled odd event - a thrilling novel, an unexpected phone call, a bout of debauch - will push the envelope, and the gears will start to spin.
Hypothermia can occur in younger people with heroin overdosage, from severely low blood sugars, in mountaineers, after near drowning, or in a derelict found under a bridge after an alcoholic debauch .