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debatable / дискуссионный, спорный, оспариваемый
имя прилагательное
debatable, controversial, debating, argumentative, open to question
controversial, debatable, disputable, contentious, arguable, moot
имя прилагательное
open to discussion or argument.
it is debatable whether the country is coming out of recession
Whether or not such a market can ever come into being sponsored by government is a debatable question.
Whether that's a good or bad trait is debatable , but I've tried to stay true to my own vision.
Whether these foods are actually aphrodisiacs is debatable .
Well, I think that may be a debatable proposition.
As such, Kant's argument here is a compelling and, obviously, debatable one.
It is debatable whether it is even possible to do much more.
And this is a much more debatable proposition.
Industry revenue from music sales is certainly down, but whether the internet is entirely to blame is debatable .
Whether millions of record-buyers will share her selective amnesia is debatable .
That wide and steep slope of debatable land between the water and the houses.