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debase / понижать качество, портить, унижаться
понижать качество
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, debase
degrade, grovel, stoop, demean, debase, prostrate
reduce (something) in quality or value; degrade.
the love episodes debase the dignity of the drama
In Europe, gold was democratized by its use in coins, even though successive rulers tried to debase them by mixing in lesser metals or reducing their size.
His way is not just to debase traditional standards; it is to do away with them altogether.
There is no evidence in this case of any positive intention to humiliate or debase the applicant.
We expect our television to debase us, empty us, and condescend to us.
The ‘anti’ brigade says that gifts can debase the trust between doctor and patient and devalue the true value of the care that doctors give.
The state has understood this lesson since the kings of old began repeatedly to debase the coinage.
Not content to debase himself, he insisted that his wife drink as well.
Everywhere people recognise that genuine forms of corruption debase the quality of their life, lead to the degradation of their social and physical environment.
the love episodes debase the dignity of the drama
If the Minister had received cash in return for assisting a visa or passport application, that would debase him.