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debar / не допускать, лишать, препятствовать
не допускать
prevent, exclude, deny, keep out, debar, shut out
deprive, lose, bereave, rob, strip, debar
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, debar
exclude or prohibit (someone) officially from doing something.
people declaring that they were HIV-positive could be debarred entry
The government should debar criminals and corrupt politicians from entering Parliament and state Assemblies, which are the sacred platforms of Indian democracy.
The court can then debar the convicted person from entering politics.
The bill seeks to debar candidates charged with ‘heinous ‘crimes from fighting elections.
The EC should debar him from contesting elections for violating the model code of conduct.
Such behaviour in youth did not debar young men from entering the professions.
Why should going to Eton and Oxford be seen to debar a person from being elected as a Prime Minister?
Many will argue that his disrespectful behaviour towards police officers should automatically debar him from the judicial system.
Any conviction that does not involve dishonesty is fine; it does not debar a person from being an officer of a charitable entity.
The decision means that the teenagers of Greenock have been debarred from seeing a film that reflects their own lives.
Since, as a woman, she was debarred from attending the university, he instructed her by letter.