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deb / дебютантка
имя существительное
debutante, rosebud, deb
The young man looked smart in his suit and bow-tie, the young lady stunning in her deb 's dress, the picture of happiness and carefree youth.
At night he was a deb 's delight at coming-out balls.
While visiting a local go-go, Sonny sees a dreary deb named Diane getting hassled by a man and he slips her a note.
I stood amongst a small circle of women, which consisted of two girls that I had known when I was a deb .
He says that even during his days as a deb 's escort, he was never a great womaniser.
Society deb Margarita Samas is said to have invented this cocktail in 1948 beside her Acapulco swimming pool.
She was then regarded as debutante with no great beauty to flaunt but who, in the words of a fellow deb , ‘could really turn on the headlights’ when needed.
Lilian, tall and slim and intellectual, seemed ill at ease among the debs and toffs.
This year Jessica Powell gives the girl's side of the debs ' story.
The debs danced through the night away and went on to breakfast at 6 am.