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deathly / смертельно
deadly, mortally, deathly
имя прилагательное
fatal, death, deadly, lethal, mortal, deathly
fatal, fateful, weird, vital, feral, deathly
имя прилагательное
resembling or suggestive of death.
a deathly hush fell over the breakfast table
She dropped to the ground, sword unsheathed lying next to her waiting for the right moment to strike the deathly blow.
Friday's encounters had been played out in front of banks of empty seats and a deathly hush.
True artistic integrity is stultified by the deathly embrace of marketing.
I was deathly cold and must have looked exceptionally pale in the dark room.
Had my parents tried to pack me off for a week of physical activities I should have fixed them with a deathly stare and screamed for hours.
Every time she spoke, her voice sounded so loud against the deathly hush.
I was shattered to see how the disease had extended its deathly grip.
Her face was deathly pale underneath the rouge and the dark lipstick.
Suddenly the stadium falls into a deathly cold and the lights begin to flicker.
As an adult I've always kept firmly out of the sun and my skin has remained deathly pale as a result.