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deathbed / смертное ложе, предсмертные минуты
имя существительное
смертное ложе
deathbed, bed
предсмертные минуты
имя существительное
the bed where someone is dying or has died.
He is largely oblivious to the fact that he has caused her decline, and even excuses himself from her deathbed to have a final meeting with his mistress at the quayside.
There are moments of pure heartbreak in the film, no less so than when Bob is lying on his deathbed awaiting his final breaths.
And on her deathbed , word that he had phoned to wish her well brought the simple response: ‘Magic’
Nothing more could add to his notoriety except a deathbed conversion, and the Scottish bishop and historian Gilbert Burnet was to provide it.
Scully shook her head as her tears flowed freely at this deathbed confession.
On his deathbed , Yaakov gives a final message to each of his sons.
After his father takes to his deathbed , Prince Hal is reborn as King Henry V.
But Alison, whose mother had made a deathbed promise to his wife to take care of him, became his great friend.
Nicole lay on her deathbed , surround by only her family and the closest friends.
I was busy imagining the eccentric old rock polisher who donated these wonderful little irregular cubes of wonder to the store while on his deathbed .
The commissioning of such an atlas would have required incredible wealth, and Mr Douthwaite believes it may have been a deathbed bequest from the queen to Raleigh.